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BULATS Online Test



  • Quick and accurate online assessment for business English
  • Tests can be taken at any computer, any time
  • Result is available by the end of the test


BULATS Online Modules: 


How does the Online Test work?

  • The test takes about 60 minutes
  • Adaptive Testing: based on the previous answers, the test becomes progessively easier or more difficult
  • Accurate evaluation of the language knowledge


Technical support


The Online test can be taken at any computer which has a sound card and is accessed by Internet Explorer. To be able to run BULATS Online on your computer a few technical specifications need to be met. Details of these specifications can be found in the documents here


BULATS is a development of the Cambridge English Language Assessment(First Certificate in English, Certificate in Advanced English) and aims individuals, who want to test their language knowledge, and companies (HR, Training), to recruit, develop and train their staff.

Individuals: BULATS Online Shop / Overview of the BULATS Test Locations 

Companies: BULATS Contact

Become a BULATS client!

Schools and companies:

Please fill in the BULATS Online application form in order to get your online account. As soon as your account is set up, you will receive an 
e-mail confirmation with all necessary details. We strongly recommend to change your password regularly!

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