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BULATS Online Test


Cambridge ESOL has developed the online version of BULATS in response to demand for a robust and reliable Business English language test with the flexibility to be taken at companies’ own offices at times that suit their needs. BULATS results are available immediately which helps organisations make timely decisions about candidates for recruitment, promotion or international placement.

BULATS Online Modules: 

The BULATS Online Test is more than just a set of questions; it exploits the latest developments in language testing technology to provide a fast, fully functional, 'stand-alone' method of assessing language ability. Each language option (English, French, German, Spanish) is available online, allowing users to purchase only those languages which are of most relevance to their employees.

How does the Online Test work?

The Online Test pinpoints ability quickly and accurately by using 'adaptive' testing techniques. As a candidate progresses through the test the computer selects each question on the basis of the previous answer. As a result, the test becomes progressively easier or more difficult until a consistent level of ability is achieved, usually in about 60 minutes.

Technical support

The Online test can be taken at any computer which has a sound card and is accessed by Internet Explorer. To be able to run BULATS Online on your computer a few technical specifications need to be met. Details of these specifications can be found in the documents here


BULATS wurde von der Universität Cambridge ESOL Examinations (First Certificate in English, Certificate in Advanced English) entwickelt und richtet sich an Einzelpersonen, die ihre Sprachfähigkeiten testen wollen, und an Firmen (HR, Training), bei denen Sprachkompetenzen eine wichtige Rolle spielen.

Einzelpersonen: BULATS im Online Shop / Übersicht der BULATS Test Orte

Firmen: BULATS Kontakt

Become a BULATS client!

Schools and companies:

Please fill in the BULATS Online application form in order to get your online account. As soon as your account is set up, you will receive an 
e-mail confirmation with all necessary details. We strongly recommend to change your password regularly!

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