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BULATS Test Results / BULATS Test Report

Test Results

The BULATS Online Test produces a report with the candidate's overall score (on a scale of 0 - 100) and level (on the ALTE level system of 0 - 5), and their score on each section of the test. The Test Report Form can be printed from the administrator's programme. On the reverse of the report there is a summary of the ALTE "Can Do Statements".

Interpretation of scores:

CEFR Level Ability Cambridge
English Exam
90-100 C2 Upper advanced CPE
75-89 C1 Advanced CAE, BEC H
60-74 B2 Upper intermediate FCE, BEC V
40-59 B1 Intermediate PET, BEC P
20-39 A2 Elementary KET
0-19 A1 Beginner -

Test Report 

The BULATS test report indicates the candidate’s personal data, the name of the company or organisation testing, as well as the detailed result information.

The copy of the BULATS report below provides an explanation of the BULATS results as well as a summary of the typical language abilities of the candidate ALTE "Can Do Statements".

Move your mouse over the test report to see explanations: 


Worldwide Recognition

To find a comprehensive list of BULATS users worldwide, please visit our online searchable database via the following link:

Cambridge ESOL Global Recognition database

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